Training With Brodi through Performance Webinars Academy!

  • Webinar Marketing System: This program help you get your webinar system up and running without all the headaches, working through our online training, you will complete a lesson and the homework will be setting up that portion you just learned, by the end of the course, you will have a webinar marketing funnel for your business and once it is performing well, we can transition it to an automated webinar system.
  • Email Growth System: As your business grows, so does your tribe of followers and your email list. Building a relationship with them over a period of time, while adding value, not constantly trying to sell them and being a mentor is how you build trust with them. We will get your email marketing system up and running and integrated into your webinar system and website.
  • Online Training Course: This is the key to becoming the Expert in your niche, you will be training students in a classroom style that is in an online training course of your own. I know it sounds scary, like how do you set this up or is it expensive and I am not technical! The good news is it’s not all that hard to setup or expensive if using the correct platform, which we will show you how to set that up in Performance Webinars Academy.
  • Mentorship: Do you need an extra push? We have a mentorship option available for you, although it is only available to our students of Performance Webinars Academy. After you complete the online course and have your systems up and running, the option will be available for you to apply, to get mentoring and additional Training With Brodi.

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