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Meet Brodi

Father - Veteran - Entrepreneur

Brodi Aiguier is a father of two daughters, veteran that served six years in our military and lifetime entrepreneur in Plymouth Massachusetts.

At a young age he began working like many people do, however he realized there had to be a better way to not only earn a living, but live a more fulfilled life.

At age 21 he started his first successful home based business and then at age 25 he joined the military full time and climbed the ranks to sergeant. All while running his business without him present, after serving six years in the military, he had to make a life and career choice of giving up custody of his children or leaving his military career.

He made the choice to become a single stay at home dad and raise his children the best he could and this began a new chapter of his life. Looking back he realized what he did not like about his past life and went on a three year journey to re-write his life’s story that’s full of life experiences, traveling, happiness, love and joy.

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